i love falling in love with a band.  when it’s just about the music, and the live show.  before you give a shit where they’re from, who they’re dating, what they do when they aren’t making music.  you just…love the music.  and you need everyone around you to hear it, and love it as much as you do.  i’m in love with this band.  crazy in love.  they got me doing some weird shit.  like….i wrote a review for the album in the itunes store?  like a lame ass ‘street team’ member from the early 2000s. why?  who am i?  i don’t know, but i like it.  and i like mona.  and you should to.  album is on itunes, get it.  do it.  they’re amazing.  i want you to fall in love too.

I feel so much the same.

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